Wix Review

Wix overview: what a user needs to know

Is it possible to characterize the Wix platform in one word? Difficult, but possible. This word is “freedom.” However, it is freedom within certain limits, so to speak. Wix service offers you, like an artist, an empty canvas with a huge set of various elements, and you can either create on your own canvas with the help of an experienced assistant – the Wix editor, or entrust the whole process to the platform itself.

Despite the many advantages, evaluating Wix, it will be enough to give him all the same 4 stars, not 5. Too many functions are offered by the system, and many things may look too chaotic and not disorganized. Sometimes the interface looks overloaded. But the flexibility and functionality of the service still covers these shortcomings.


The system is very standardized, so standard forms and blocks are used. Although they are designed according to HTML5 standards, it is hidden from the user, how they are interconnected and how they act. This is a definite plus for the user, as the owner of the Wix site focuses only on important things, without going into details. On the other hand, it is not possible to add an element that does not meet the standards of the system. To some extent, this is solved by applications from WixAppMarket, but not always.

After selecting a design template, you will be taken to a visual editor that will help you finalize the final look. Everything looks very comfortable and intuitive. The editor has a convenient grid, thanks to which you can define the boundaries of the visible area of the site. The widest selection of graphic elements and background images provides endless possibilities for creative people. If you need a quick result, just replace the photo and description, and you’re done. You can be sure that a whole team of professionals stands behind the design.

All elements are interactive, you can click on any of them and edit the color, size and so on. Arrange elements on the page by simply dragging them on the screen. The basis of the functionality is determined by the sidebar with several sections of options and functions.

When you add a page, a menu item will be automatically added, which you can drag and drop to where you want or make a sub-item of another menu item. You can create new pages, links in the menu (anchor, web address, mail, phone number, document or promo box) and set the script to open them (in the current or new window). You can also add dynamic pages to the site that will pull up the content as it is updated from the cloud or the database you created in Wix Corvid. For each page, you can assign visibility and customize SEO, duplicate, make the main one, set the general layout view, access rules or convert to a dynamic page.


App Market. Company store applications that can be added to the site. A very strong part of Wix. The use of this section extends the stock functionality of the platform several times. It contains a huge number of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing. You can add an interactive calendar, for example, email marketing tools, polls, Dropbox, SEO tools and other useful items to help standard designer functionality.  

My downloads. Upload your photos, documents and audio files to the hosting. This will be your library, the files of which you can place on the site.

Blog. This section appears after activating the blog on the site. From here you can add new and edit existing posts. When creating a material, you can select a category, fill in meta tags and add photos / videos. By the way, the formatting options appear after the selection of the text, by default they are hidden. You can choose the option to feed your blog – in a column, tiles, cards. Also here you will see links to related applications for quick installation (Wix Events, Forum, Instagram Feed, etc.).

Online entry. A separate section with the functionality of the application Wix Bookings – a powerful tool for collecting requests for booking something (record doctor, rent houses, hotel rooms). You will be able to set up group (yoga, dance) or personal (hairdresser, psychotherapist, for example) applications on the calendar, connect online payments via PayPal, set up employment schedules for employees and collect customer base. Widget for access of visitors to the record for the service can be placed in any part of the site. A detailed setting of the block layout, its design and selection of the displayed data (price, description, duration, days, name of the service) is available.

Free photo

By the way, photos can be uploaded to the site from Instagram, and in the social network itself leave links to your site. Owners of advanced accounts and photographers should help. Also, the ability to download your own fonts helps to decorate the site. By default, you can use Google Fonts fonts. If this seems a little, you can use your own. This is done in the section “My Downloads” – “Download Fonts”.

Let’s return to the main functional branch. The editor does not contain all available options. The main command post of the site is the Wix control panel. It displays in the form of tiles important features available by default, and all installed applications. Here you can access the entire set of site features and control the process.


In the arsenal of the Wix platform has more than 500 themes. Most of them look stylish, modern, but some are a bit outdated and need updating.

By choosing a theme, you can use the Wix ADI mode. The ADI editor is quite significantly different from the standard. Here, the emphasis is on editing the existing structure of the proposed layout (you can simply turn on / off whole sections), a set of elements of individual sections (on / off titles, descriptions, buttons, images), color gamut, background, fonts and, of course, text. In general, the detail settings are average enough to bring the automatically created layout to the desired view.

Can ADI replace the standard Wix editor? No, of course, and should not. These areas of one system are not direct competitors, but complement each other. You can start making a site in ADI, get a layout, and then go to the standard editor and bring it to the final result with the whole arsenal of tools available. The result obtained automatically is moderately good. The more information about your online business, the better it will be.

Here is what you get immediately after creating the site:

Wix Blog – connect your blog to the site and set it up in the editor.

SEO-master is a comprehensive tool for website promotion.

Marketing mailing – creating news and advertising mailings to your mail databases using ShoutOut, a specialized application. You need to create a letter layout using the design settings and select the mail database for distribution. It is also possible to launch automatic mailings according to specified conditions, select templates for banners and letters, attach a subscription form to the newsletter and monitor statistics on the launched newsletters.

Domains and mail – buying a new one or attaching an existing domain to a site, adding corporate mail with all Gmail business tools (mail with a domain name, office application package, email storage, video conferencing).

Accounts – creating and sending invoices to customers, receiving online payments (debit and credit cards, PayPal), tracking payment statuses, reports. The format of invoices is customizable, you can add taxes, choose the currency and the order of numbering.

Contacts – customer base site. It can be used for newsletters, collection of information, subscriptions and other things. It is possible to divide users into groups, blocking, filtering the selection and manually creating new contacts.

Auto-link – setting up automatically sent letters for various scenarios. By default, there are templates for greeting new contacts registered and subscribing to site updates. In this way, you can send files, thank you for your purchases, offer discount coupons, invite you to visit the store again, ask for feedback, congratulate you on holidays and stuff like that. Schedules, newsletters and the design of attachments can be flexibly customized.

Databases – creating collections of information that will be stored in the cloud. The data must be added to the tables with the number of columns and fields you specify. These collections can be connected to various elements on the site to collect information or vice versa – its issuance.


Wix Forum is a tool for adding a full-fledged forum to the site with sections, themes, design settings, structure and access rules.

Wix Music is an application for adding albums, singles, playlists for free listening or selling. Beautiful player, a lot of settings. Wix

Events – adding events with the possibility of registering in them. Wedding, concert, seminar, single events and posters with schedules, sending out invitations, guest lists, tickets – we are talking about everything about it.

Wix Video – download videos up to 15 GB, broadcast from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, mailings to promote your video channels, collect subscriptions, sell videos and get statistics on the entire process.  

  • you can connect an SSL certificate to the site for free (protecting the site using the https protocol);
  • Wix has a mobile iOS / Android application that allows you to conduct live chat with website clients (to do this, activate the Wix Chat application in the control panel), add photos, products or post content to a blog;
  • the ability to optimize images for display in the mobile version of the site. You need to go to the mobile template editor, select the desired image and sprinkle by increasing / decreasing the source code and leaving in sight the part you need;
  • you can put 360 ° images on the background using the 360 Images application;
  • you can protect passwords of individual pages of the site or even hide them;
  • thanks to the grid, you can always see the area that appears in the mobile version of the site.

Wix Hotels is a free application that provides a complete mechanism for setting up hotel reservations for hotel owners.

Wix Restaurants is a free application that allows you to create an online menu according to all the laws of the genre and take orders for food delivery.

In the editor, you can use layers, hide individual elements and restore them as needed. When activating the developer mode, an element properties panel and a console will appear to add values to these properties.

The space of applications and opportunities for doing business on the Web service combined into a single concept of a virtual office – Wix Ascend. This includes forms creation applications, live chat, mail processing tools, instant messenger, built-in CRM, payment acceptance methods (via chat, invoice and other forms of cashless payments), automation of typical business processes, separation of workspaces according to various criteria, planning systems and issuing notifications, numerous marketing tools (mailing, creating banners, introducing promotions, working with social networks and video hosting sites, advertising integrations, etc.). Such a detailed and broad approach allows to cover the whole process from attracting the attention of the client to selling and establishing personal contact for further cooperation. Wix is a powerful platform for creating business sites, and all this can provide.

Site applications

All new applications will also be added to the control panel for quick and easy access in the manner of those sections listed above. This structure makes it easy to navigate the extensive functional flow of Wix. By the way, most applications are designed and presented similarly to the interface of the designer – stylistically and in terms of ease of use. That is, owning the Wix interface, you can safely install a large number of applications without the risk of getting confused. Even if they are serious in their essence and capabilities, it will be no more difficult to understand them than in the rest of the interface. Adding new features will not complicate the work on the site, which is important.

In addition to the expanded business component of the functionality, the designer allows you to comfortably create multilingual sites. Going to the settings from the editor, select the application “Multilingua”, it is installed by default. Allows you to add as many languages as you like to the site, automatically creating a copy of the site for each localization. All this is combined into a clear and convenient single interface for administering language versions. To translate content, of course, you need to manually, but the standard captions of templates and widgets in most cases will automatically be correctly displayed in the selected language. However, they can also be edited. After launching the language versions of the site, an icon will appear in the header to switch localizations. A useful thing for supporting international business or encouraging multi-lingual customer groups within a region.

Multilingual website on Wix

Obviously, the stock functionality of the designer is inextricably linked with the capabilities of applications from the company store. They can even be regarded as modules that are not installed by default. Applications are written either by the developers of Wix itself, or by teams of other companies who want to have their products synchronized with the system of the most popular website builder in the world. Therefore, the quality of the modules can be trusted – it is beneficial for both parties to maintain its high level for obvious reasons.

Creating a logo for the site

WixArena, a design community that has evolved around the system during its existence, is worth mentioning. The developers organized on its base WixExpert – the environment for ordering services for creating a website / template from scratch or redesign. You can see the portfolio of potential performers and order services. There is a reverse option: make a request by filling out a detailed questionnaire (type of work, budget, deadline, region), after which the system based on this data will give a list of suitable web designers. The cost of hiring experts is different, there are hundreds of them. Arena is another way to get a unique website design on Wix.


The two most important things when working with Wix SEO Wiz:

  • Competently pick keywords. To do this, you can and even need to use special services. Success directly depends on the quality of the phrases.
  • Perform all items checklist wizard. As you add materials to the site, you can periodically update the checklist, looking, do not miss something.

In addition to all the developers have implemented a set of technologies Wix Turbo, accelerating the loading of pages. With the prevailing mobile traffic and not always stable / fast Internet access, the increased website performance will save many clients, improve behavioral factors, the conversion rate and the attitude of search engines to the project. CDN is used: Wix has quadrupled the number of servers, scattered them around the world, and now when a visitor requests, the closest server is selected, and the page rendering delays are reduced. The service also uses the technology of accelerated JavaScript processing and page caching, in addition, templates and so on are developed using the latest CSS standards. All this together can be called advanced out-of-the-box SEO tools.

The general meaning of search engine optimization for Wix is as follows: sites are well indexed, and the SEO-master will help beginners to bring the process to mind, without forgetting anything. On the part of the other methods of promotion (external links, social networks, linking, contextual advertising) it is better to read some materials. All this can and should be done. In this section, we are talking only about the regular SEO capabilities of Wix. With them everything is in order.

Wix tariff plans:

  • Unlimited tariff plan
  • Wix Pro
  • VIP rate plan
  • Basic business
  • Unlimited business plan
  • Business VIP

More expensive tariff plans include all the advantages of cheaper plus add something new. The first fare may be interesting for those who want to create a small website or a landing page on their domain. Small and simple site with a moderate amount of media content. Combo is suitable for the same purposes, but on a large scale – you can make a portfolio with a large number of photos, start a blog or create a website of some organization.

Unlimited should be chosen when you plan to download a lot of content and expects a dense influx of traffic in the future. These are blogs with a forum, corporate sites and other projects of similar complexity and scope. eCommerce for those who want to trade. Particularly interesting is the possibility of selling digital goods. For window dressing with thousands of positions of tools, building materials, workwear and other things, there are more suitable designers, but the sale of music, illustrations or photos from Wix is a very good idea.

Reference functionality

Any section of the editor contains tips on working with him. Hovering the cursor over the circle “i” will display a brief explanation and a link to the full version of the FAQ on the topic. Absolutely all options and widgets are provided with explanations, just in some you need to click on the “?” Sign to call up a pop-up window with instructions. You can also immediately go to the Support Center – the Wix knowledge base with the ability to search for answers on request. Going through the categories of knowledge base, you can get an idea of the design features – the names of the FAQ sections clearly list the functionality.

Domains and Emails

For $ 14.95 per year, you can get your own domain name on Wix. At the same time, your contact details are not anonymous (for confidentiality you will need to pay another $ 9.90 annually. It will be cheaper to register a domain name with a third-party registrar and then connect it to Wix. After registering a domain name, Wix allows you to set up your email address in Google Suite .